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Sweet & Salty Cheese Plate 
dried fruit~jam~truffle honey~nuts

Garden Bruschetta
local juliet tomatoes~basil~heirloom garlic~vidalia~basil~goat cheese fondue

Chicken Curry Soup
sticky rice~mushroom~coconut milk~tomato~carrot

Bistro Salad 
organic mixed baby greens~crumbled blue cheese~dried cranberries
bermuda onion~pecans~berry vinaigrette

Local Dry Aged Filet Mignon 
cheddar, red pepper, sweet corn potato casserole~bourbon demi glace

Buttered Yellow Perch 
chefs potato~green tartar~lemon

Maple Leaf Farm Duck Confit Crepe
delicate house crepe~golden raison~fresh thyme~sherry~cream~asparagus

16 Hr Local Pork
 bunuelitos de maiz (corn fritter)~mojo

        Our whole concept is a fresh menu weekly
Menu subject to change!

                                        All of our Meats, Fruits & Vegetables are Locally Sourced or Organic or Sustainably Farmed